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Quotes Just wanted to say thank you. The answering service was a huge help in getting us through the night and Kurt came out on an emergency call the following day. He was able to diagnose the problem quickly and get the furnace going in time for the coming storm. Professional and efficient. Knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks again! Quotes
Tom Morrione

Quotes The Muller Heating and Plumbing team drove to my house, between blizzards, in sub-zero temperatures, to replace an entire natural gas boiler during the February deep freeze. Is there any higher recommendation? None I can think of. Professional, cost effective, there when you need them in the middle of the storm. Quotes
John R.

Quotes I'm only a tenant in my condo, but I wanted to say that the technicians that came to service the furnace in my building today and they could not have been nicer. They worked on it for over an hour to make sure that I would have heat going into this cold snap we're about to have all week. They also explained to me everything they did and why we have been having problems. Great service from lovely people. Thanks! Quotes

Quotes Thank you for all of your continued kindness and great service - you have taken so much worry from my shoulders with all the help you have given me with all of my house problems. Thank you for your generosity, and wonderful service. I couldn't work with a nicer, kinder bunch of people! Thank you all! Quotes

Quotes Very impressed with your technician! He was super efficient, had a great attitude, and I'm very, very happy with his work!! Quotes

Quotes Your tech did an absolutely wonderful, awesome, amazing job! I have really come to trust your company! Quotes

Quotes I recently had a problem with my furnace and wasn?t sure exactly what it was, I conveyed an awful toxic smell like a burning plastic. Techs came but could not find the solution. There was no smell when they ran the furnace. Subsequently a week later, I noticed the same smell. This time I notified them that I had to reset the furnace a few times. Upon hearing the updated information, Techs diagnosed the delayed firing in the burner ignitor. I was impressed how thorough he was explaining its replacement. I also said the water temperature was a little too hot. He explained to me that it might be a good idea to replace the mixing valve and very meticulously sweat on a new one and nailed the water temperature. I just wanted to let someone in the company know that the furnace is running smooth again, and that I thought both guys provided great service. They were very thorough, did a great job explaining exactly what they were going to do, and that I would recommend their services to anyone Quotes

Quotes Just want to say thank you for the assistance in installing a new furnace and working with PROP to make this happen. The two technicians that did the work were great and did an excellent job. Cleaned up over and above expectation. I also shared this information with Ken (from PROP) when he came to inspect. Thanks Again, Laraine Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Thank you so much for your contribution to our Buddy Reid Scholarship; because of your generation donation, we were able to raise $5600 in total! We can't thank you enough for your support and help keeping Buddy's memory alive. Quotes
Love, Your KP Family

Quotes I want to thank you all for your wonderful service. You are like a big family, working together, to solve a consumer's problem! Quotes
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